This is the lighting set up I used last night in the studio to shoot my swimsuit model. This setup worked well at reducing shadows but still giving a natural outdoor light effect. I had the Canon 1000D set up with 2 flashes with soft boxes, and also use of the silver reflector to minimise shadows on the left hand side of the model. I had a friend, Alisha helping me with this. 

-Jemimah Scale-


Photo Set

Digital Imaging and Concept

Jemimah Scale

Darkroom studio in front of black backdrop. Images were taken with support of flash, tripod and colored lights (red). 

Camera settings were:

ISO: 100

Fstop: 7.1

Shutter speed: 8 seconds

Flash: 1/16

All manual settings.

These two images were taken of model Luke and he started off standing straight and then I asked him to turn to the right and walk slowly out of the frame, holding a red light. This was the effect.



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Photo Set

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